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Anti-War Activist, John Tinker, Endorses Bernie Sanders

By: Brian McLain Progressive Voices of Iowa received an endorsement letter from life long anti-war activist, John Tinker. He and his sister Mary Beth were the plaintiffs in 1969 U.S. Supreme Court decision Tinker v. Des Moines and helped to define First Amendment rights of students in US public schools.  The following is the endorsement in its entirety: Today’s world

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ICYMI: What Happened to Our Public Money in 2016

By: Susie Petra The Iowa Economic Development Authority gave $24.3 million dollars of our money in “incentives” to the Prestage slaughterhouse in Eagle Grove. Yes, $24.3 Million, to an already profitable LLC. Keep in mind, industrial agriculture claims to be a $112 billion-dollar industry. Why are we using our public dollars to prop them up? That $24.3 million could have

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Iowa Students Lead In Nationwide Fight For Tuition Free College

AMES — ​Iowa Student Action​ and our allies will send a message on Monday October 15th at Iowa State University that education is a human right, not just a luxury​ ​for the rich and powerful. Over 75 students will gather to participate in a direct action on Iowa State, disrupting business as usual. 13 Students will risk arrest. Students will

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I’m a Small Farmer from Iowa. Why Does Trump Want to Take My Health Care?

By Chris Petersen: For my family, “pre-existing conditions” are more than a technicality. They’re a matter of life or death, of sickness or health. My wife and I are Iowa family farmers. I have diabetes, and Kristi has a heart murmur. Without the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its guarantees for people with pre-existing conditions, there’d be nothing standing between

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CYDI Executive Board Calls on Campaigns to Unionize

The College and Young Democrats of Iowa released a statement earlier this week calling on campaigns to unionize, citing that Democrats are champions of labor and should extend those opportunities to organize to those who work to elect Democrats. The signed statement can be found in full below: The College and Young Democrats of Iowa (CYDI) stands with all working

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LTE: We Can End The Opioid Epidemic

Editor’s note: From time to time we receive Letters to the Editor from candidates for office. Publication of these LTEs are not an endorsement of the candidate and all LTEs are equally considered by the board no matter who the author might be.   Eighty-five percent of heroin users start by taking legal opioids. Fentanyl and carfentanil are involved in a

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