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Des Moines School Board Passes Resolution on Gun Violence

UPDATE: The resolution was passed unanimously. Tonight the Board of Iowa’s largest school district will consider a resolution that, if adopted, would make a firm statement of solidarity and support with students across the country demanding action on gun violence and mass shootings. Resolution 18-042  addresses a number of issues, events, and arguments that have been part of the national conversation since

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Women’s March Returns to Roar Even Louder in 2018

This weekend will mark the anniversary of the historic Women’s March of 2017. And they’re inviting everyone back to the Iowa State Capitol this Saturday, January 20th, starting at 11:30 AM, to roar even louder and let Kim Reynolds and company know their days in office are numbered. “We will be uniting again with other grassroots groups to celebrate the spirit of resistance,

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Urgent Call to Action: Des Moines Waterworks, Minimum Wage, Voter Rights Need Your Voice!

Three public hearings have been scheduled for Monday, March 6th, on very important issues that directly impact everyday Iowan and Iowa CCI is issuing a call to action to make sure the people are heard on these issues. Progressives must show up to these meetings and stand for Des Moines Water Works, the hard fought minimum wage increases, and against

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