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How Does It Make You Feel, Iowa?

By: Debra Marlin How does it make you feel, Iowa… that we may lose the caucus because of the rigged and incompetent DNC and IDP? How does it make you feel, Iowa… that Bernie Sanders won the caucus popular vote? How does it make you feel, Iowa… that a candidate is claiming delegate victory with the only count that can’t

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Iowa Caucus Debacle

by Jason Frerichs The caucus on 2/3/2020 was an absolute debacle. Volunteers spent numerous hours over the past few months organizing and for the most part, pulled off an excellent event. Unfortunately, the paid leadership of the Iowa Democratic Party combined with the garbage app made by toxic Clinton loyalists have made Iowa a laughing stock. I was a precinct

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IDP Central Committee Member Makes Transphobic Statement

I was saddened to come across a Facebook post written by the Chair of the Native American Caucus Trisha Dumkrieger that showed transphobia exists amongst those who are supposed to be the leaders of the Iowa Democratic Party. Mrs. Dumkrieger accuses “natural born males” of taking things away from natural-born women.” According to research done by the Trevor Project, one

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Anti-War Activist, John Tinker, Endorses Bernie Sanders

By: Brian McLain Progressive Voices of Iowa received an endorsement letter from life long anti-war activist, John Tinker. He and his sister Mary Beth were the plaintiffs in 1969 U.S. Supreme Court decision Tinker v. Des Moines and helped to define First Amendment rights of students in US public schools.  The following is the endorsement in its entirety: Today’s world

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Bernie Derangement Syndrome

by Jason Frerichs Disclaimer: If you can’t figure out that this is satire you probably went to Trump University It is with a heavy heart that I must inform our readership of a very serious illness that is spreading across the neoliberal population of the United States. Of course, I am referring to the terrible affliction known as Bernie Derangement

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LTE: The Kids Are All Right

Submission by Floyd Gardner There seems to be a clash brewing between older, established Democrats and younger members of the party. The younger people seem to be far more liberal in their politics than the more centrist older members. While people with certain progressive bona fides lead the Democratic Party, they are not progressive enough for many potential Democratic voters.

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