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LTE: The Kids Are All Right

Submission by Floyd Gardner There seems to be a clash brewing between older, established Democrats and younger members of the party. The younger people seem to be far more liberal in their politics than the more centrist older members. While people with certain progressive bona fides lead the Democratic Party, they are not progressive enough for many potential Democratic voters.

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Hillary Clinton’s Emails Cause Iowa State to Lose a Football Game

by Jason Frerichs Disclaimer: If you can’t figure out that this is satire, you probably went to Trump University.   Iowa State Coach Matt Campbell was found curled up in the visitor’s locker room after his team lost 13-3 to the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Campbell was discovered rocking back and forth in a fetal position shouting, “but her emails” over and

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David Young to Become The Next Ambassador to Russia

by Jason Frerichs Disclaimer: If you can’t figure out this is satire, you probably went to Trump University Political lackey Congressman David Young has been selected by Trump as the newest ambassador to Russia.  Congressman Young has voted in line with Trump’s positions 98.9% of the time, making him one of his most reliable voters.  PVI asked Trump why he

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LTE: Iowa 4-H Director Fired After Gay, Transgender Inclusion Policy Inflames Conservative Groups

USA Today Article Link As reported in the USA Today, the Des Moines Register and several other news outlets — John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas the nationally recognized Iowa 4-H Director and the first Latinx to serve in that post (In any state) in over 120 years was fired last week. His offense was working to include youth of color, immigrants and LGBTQ

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Congressional Republicans are Either Complicit with or Guilty of Treason

Here is a small sampling of the bullshit pulled in the US Congress to cover for DJT this week. In the House of Representatives Refused to subpoena DJT’s translator. Refused to increase funding of election security despite US Intelligence warning, Mueller probe findings and DHS stating that Russia is gearing up to run a similar election interference on behalf of

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