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Theresa Greenfield’s Dog Ringo Reacts to Ernst’s Attack Ad

by Jason Frerichs In a weird first, embattled Senator Joni Ernst attacked her opponent Theresa Greenfield’s dog. Ernst had criticized Greenfield for taking too many selfies with her beloved dog Ringo. Ringo being the very good boy that he is was surprised by the attacks. Ringo believes that everyone deserves equal treats under the law and that it doesn’t matter

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Video Surfaces of Suspicious Man Vandalizing Stores During Minneapolis Protest

Many protester tried to chase the man down to ask him who he was and why he was doing what he was doing but to no avail. Many believe it was his intention to escalate tensions to shift public favor away from the protesters calling for the arrest of four police officers who murdered George Floyd earlier in the week.

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Open Question to Senate Candidates Who Don’t Support Medicare for All

by Jason Frerichs Five candidates are running to unseat Joni Ernst and win her senate seat. Of those five, only Kimberly Graham wholeheartedly supports Medicare for All. In an interview with Iowa Starting Line, Graham described it as “a basic human right in a moral and wealthy nation. Human rights are not commodities to be marketed, bought or sold. Therefore,

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