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Iowa Students Lead In Nationwide Fight For Tuition Free College

AMES — ​Iowa Student Action​ and our allies will send a message on Monday October 15th at Iowa State University that education is a human right, not just a luxury​ ​for the rich and powerful. Over 75 students will gather to participate in a direct action on Iowa State, disrupting business as usual. 13 Students will risk arrest. Students will

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The Degradation of the Iowa Public Educator

Public educators in Iowa find themselves against the ropes and defending their profession on a regular basis. What was once regarded as a noble, well-paying career is now low-paying, high-stress and has left teaching professionals begging for respect and higher wages. Crowded classrooms, lack of support from parents, underfunding and a growing disregard for the profession have sent teachers fleeing

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LTE: ESAs Are Not the Answer

Advertisements began airing on TV and radio stations across Iowa promoting the creation of Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). The commercials use the typical conservative think-tank, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) message to sell them. Funders of the commercials don’t want Iowan’s to know what an ESA means to the future of Iowa’s public schools and to taxpayers. In 2002, I

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