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From the Desk of the Editor: Why I Support Cathy Glasson for Governor

Editor’s note: This is a personal endorsement. The views expressed in this editorial are my own and are not necessarily those of PVI’s writers, contributors, or editors. By: Brian McLain I had high hopes for the 2018 gubernatorial race. Things looked so very promising in the beginning. Then… nothing… Just more of the same. Every opportunity candidates had to address

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From the Desk of the Editor: Measure A is Not the Way

By: Brian McLain Over the past several weeks a campaign funded by big money donors and developers to push a one-cent sales tax increase across Polk County has ramped up through town halls to social media. In these ads and Q&As, officials and colored graphics trot out promised benefits throughout the county, from potholes, to emergency responders, to property tax relief in the

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From the Editor’s Desk: The Cautionary Tale of Sears

By: Brian McLain What caused the beautiful and thriving businesses, hotels, and shops from the Sixties to turn to ruins and blight? Why were once quality goods now indistinguishable from the cheaper items found at discount stores, save the higher price tag to cover the cost of the brand? Ask anyone these questions and it is certain fingers will start

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