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Theresa Greenfield’s Dog Ringo Reacts to Ernst’s Attack Ad

by Jason Frerichs In a weird first, embattled Senator Joni Ernst attacked her opponent Theresa Greenfield’s dog. Ernst had criticized Greenfield for taking too many selfies with her beloved dog Ringo. Ringo being the very good boy that he is was surprised by the attacks. Ringo believes that everyone deserves equal treats under the law and that it doesn’t matter

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BLM releases statement on arrests at statehouse

The following is a statement made by the Black Lives Matter regarding the violent arrests that took place during the peaceful demonstration at the Iowa Statehouse: Yesterday at 1 pm, organizers and supporters of Des Moines BLM gathered at the Iowa State Capitol to call for Governor Kim Reynolds to issue an executive order restoring voting rights to Iowas with

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Iowa Construction Site Shut Down Over Racially Charged Incident

PVI received an anonymous report of a racially charged incident that took place at the Microsoft Data Center construction site in Cumming, Iowa. On Wednesday June 24th Microsoft’s Data Center Buildings 9 and 10 construction site in Cumming, Iowa was effectively shut down for 24 hours after a worker played racially charged music in building 9. A stand down officially

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Iowa CCI Issues Statement on Police Violence in Iowa City

June 4, 2020 Police violence in Iowa City contradicts Gov. Reynolds claim that ‘agitators’ causing ‘chaos’ are responsible for statewide unrestIowa CCI members demand a statewide executive order and new laws to de-militarize the police and ban racial profiling and pre-textual stops Iowa City, Iowa – Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) board member Paul Wittau of Iowa City released an organizational statement addressing the recent

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Video Surfaces of Suspicious Man Vandalizing Stores During Minneapolis Protest

Many protester tried to chase the man down to ask him who he was and why he was doing what he was doing but to no avail. Many believe it was his intention to escalate tensions to shift public favor away from the protesters calling for the arrest of four police officers who murdered George Floyd earlier in the week.

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