Iowa Construction Site Shut Down Over Racially Charged Incident

PVI received an anonymous report of a racially charged incident that took place at the Microsoft Data Center construction site in Cumming, Iowa.

On Wednesday June 24th Microsoft’s Data Center Buildings 9 and 10 construction site in Cumming, Iowa was effectively shut down for 24 hours after a worker played racially charged music in building 9.

A stand down officially went into effect at 3:30 pm. Workers will return Friday morning and all will be required to go through a sensitivity training before work resumes.

A tradesman working on the site stated, “The job is 100% music free, even ear buds are strictly prohibited. This cannot be described as an accident or unintentional. This was either an act of hate, ignorance, or both.”

When asked about the challenges of COVID the worker said, “They’ve
done a fairly good job on that front. We have not had any breakouts or shutdowns.

We have morning temperature scans and health surveys, masks are required, social distancing is highly encouraged, and turn styles, bathrooms/portapotties, and other commons areas are disinfected multiple times a day. In the middle of a pandemic, it is a shame that something like THIS is what shuts us down.”

This simply highlights that we have a long way to go to fight intolerance and hate in this country. People of color should not have to work around hate or bigotry. Microsoft and the two
General Contractors on site; Weitz and Turner acted quickly and are taking measures to mitigate and eliminate these issues, they can be commended for this.

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