Iowa CCI Issues Statement on Police Violence in Iowa City

June 4, 2020

Police violence in Iowa City contradicts Gov. Reynolds claim that ‘agitators’ causing ‘chaos’ are responsible for statewide unrest
Iowa CCI members demand a statewide executive order and new laws to de-militarize the police and ban racial profiling and pre-textual stops

Iowa City, Iowa –

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) board member Paul Wittau of Iowa City released an organizational statement addressing the recent police violence against Black Lives Matter protesters:

Iowa CCI members condemn the police violence and political repression against Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Iowa City last night. The local march against police brutality was organized and led by black youth, including public school and university students from our own community.

Police violence against young people of color in Iowa’s City of Literature last night is proof that Governor Reynolds broader narrative about ‘agitators’ causing ‘chaos’ across the state is false. The police are to blame for the unrest in Iowa City, Des Moines, Davenport, Waterloo, and Sioux City, not the people. 

Iowa CCI members are urban and rural, black and white, and young and old, with 4,500 members in 98 counties across the state. 

We call on law enforcement in every city, county, and state jurisdiction to Stand Down Now. We demand Iowa’s law enforcement agencies unilaterally ceasefire, with an immediate moratorium on the deployment of all so-called “less-than-lethal” chemical weapons. 

During the moratorium period, we demand Governor Reynolds and the Iowa legislature pass, by executive order and through lawmaking, a statewide racial justice ordinance, guaranteed by strong community oversight and accountability.

A mandatory and enforceable racial justice ordinance must de-militarize the police and ban all racial profiling and pre-textual stops. No justice, no peace.  

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