So You Wanna Be on the State Central Committee

by Jason Frerichs

Given the reluctance of the current State Central Committee (SCC) to restore any sort of trust or integrity to either the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) or the SCC, many people have asked how they can earn a spot on the SCC. The current SCC refused to pass a very well thought out harassment policy or allow any sort of transparency to the caucus process so new blood is needed. If you are willing to be an independent voice instead of a rubber stamp, I encourage you to run. We need younger voices. We need voices from our minority communities and voices from the LGBTQ community.

The first way you can be elected to the SCC is to win one of the eight slots in your congressional district. Each district is allowed to select eight members who represent them on the SCC. There are four male and four female slots. In the event a non-binary individual is elected they will earn one of the male slots. These are the most difficult slots to earn. Party insiders who are more interested in a title than organizing their district tend to hold these slots. Progressives must be ready and organized to win these slots. It should not matter which preference group someone is a part of. We must organize together. Anyone who is a registered Democrat can run for these slots but you must be nominated by a seated delegate at your district convention.

The second way you can earn a spot on the SCC is to be elected as the Chair or Vice-Chair of one of the 13 constituency caucuses or Chair of the Rules or Platform Committee or as the Affirmative Action Chair. There is the Progressive, Black, Latinx, Asian-Pacific Islander, Stonewall, Women’s, Veterans, Disability, Senior, Native American, Rural, Labor, and College and Young Democrats. Only the Chairs of constituency caucuses are voting members. Vice Chairs are allowed to vote if the Chair is absent. The Rules and Platform Chairs are also voting members. The Affirmative Action Chair is a voting member as well. Constituency Caucus Chairs and Vice-Chairs are elected the morning of the State Convention. You do not have to be a delegate to run or vote for the constituency caucus Chair or Vice-Chair

No matter which slot you are running for, you will be given the opportunity to address your convention and argue your case before the entire convention body. If you give a great speech it can carry the day for you. If you want an IDP that cares about integrity, is against bullying and uplifts the voices of marginalized communities then you must step up and run. Speak truth to the power even if your voice shakes.

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