IDP Central Committee Member Makes Transphobic Statement

I was saddened to come across a Facebook post written by the Chair of the Native American Caucus Trisha Dumkrieger that showed transphobia exists amongst those who are supposed to be the leaders of the Iowa Democratic Party. Mrs. Dumkrieger accuses “natural born males” of taking things away from natural-born women.”

According to research done by the Trevor Project, one in three transgender youth has attempted suicide in the past year. Nearly one-third of transgender youth have reported being sexually assaulted. Bigotry towards the transgender community is pervasive in the state of Iowa. It was driven home when the Reynolds administration decided to remove sexual reassignment surgery as a Medicaid benefit. Statements like the one made by Trisha Dumkrieger contribute towards that bigotry and make the lives of transgender Iowans even harder than they already are. PVI reached out to the first transgender chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Stonewall Caucus to get their thoughts on the situation. Kyla Paterson issued the following statement.

“As the first transgender chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Stonewall Caucus, I wanna say I do not stand for the transphobia from a fellow State Central Committee member and Native American Caucus Chair. It hurts trans people who are Native Americans who depend on her leadership in the Iowa Democratic Party when she is transphobic. Trans men and nonbinary people depend on reproductive health and that includes tampons. Making tampons gender inclusive is not erasing ‘natural-born women.’ “

Bigotry has no place in the Iowa Democratic Party. Leaders must be held to a higher standard. The entire staff at Progressive Voices of Iowa calls on Tisha Dumkrieger to resign and allow someone who won’t be a toxic presence towards the LGBTQ community to take over that position. The concept of two-spirts has long been a tradition among many Native American tribes. Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists cannot and should not hold leadership roles in the Iowa Democratic Party.

If her transphobic leadership offends you, please let the party know.


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