Iowa Students Lead In Nationwide Fight For Tuition Free College

AMES — ​Iowa Student Action​ and our allies will send a message on Monday October 15th at Iowa State University that education is a human right, not just a luxury​ ​for the rich and powerful. Over 75 students will gather to participate in a direct action on Iowa State, disrupting business as usual. 13 Students will risk arrest. Students will demand a freeze on tuition increases and the resignation of Board of Regents officials with conflicts of interest at Iowa’s public universities.

WHAT:​​ ​​ Iowa Student Action and allies demand tuitions freezes and resignations of corrupt board of regents officials at Iowa’s State universities.
WHEN:​​ ​ October 15th, 4:15pm
WHERE:​​ ​ Bissell Road, Iowa State University

BACKGROUND​​: ​​Iowa Student Action is a chapter of the national organization, ​Student Action​, and an affiliate of People’s Action. We are a collation of students from all parts of the state, growing rapidly across Iowa and the nation. Student Action holds that education, including higher education, should be free and accessible to all, including undocumented and formerly incarcerated students. Students from Iowa State to Grinnell College to Des Moines Area Community College will take part in this action, and continue to escalate and show solidarity with other campuses until we have won tuition free public college.
We are demanding the Iowa Board of Regents to take the first steps toward free public college. These steps include: ending the extreme tuition hikes at Iowa’s public universities, the resignation of corrupt board of regents officials, and prioritizing funding for student financial aid over private development and corporate research.
This direct action is one in a series of protests across the country, organized by Student Action and YDSA (Young Democratic Socialists of America) bases at over 20 campuses and 8 states. On October 15, these varied bases unite to take the first step in a national fight for free college for all. More action will follow.

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