CYDI Executive Board Calls on Campaigns to Unionize

The College and Young Democrats of Iowa released a statement earlier this week calling on campaigns to unionize, citing that Democrats are champions of labor and should extend those opportunities to organize to those who work to elect Democrats. The signed statement can be found in full below:

The College and Young Democrats of Iowa (CYDI) stands with all working people. As Democrats, we have dedicated our political organizing to securing the fundamental dignity of employees in the workplace. That vision must include campaign workers.

Too often campaign workers are not afforded the same protections their campaigns advocate for. Too often campaign workers are unpaid or underpaid, overworked, and receive no benefits. Too often these workers are young activists that are told to sacrifice their wellbeing for a greater political cause.

The Democratic Party is the party of working people. We created the minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, child labor laws, the 40-hour work week, and have fought tooth and nail for the rights of workers to organize. Campaign workers are the foundation that build the electoral victories we need to enact our progressive vision. It is our responsibility to ensure that every Democratic campaign worker has the same protections and benefits that our party works for every day.

The College and Young Democrats of Iowa calls on the Iowa Democratic Party and all Iowa Democratic campaigns to unionize their campaign staff and allow them to negotiate their working conditions and benefits.

Olivia Habinck, President
Taylor Blair, Vice-President
Ashton Ayers, Political Director
Tanner Halleran, Communications Director
Abby Schulte, Membership Director
Joshua Dausener, Finance Director



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