Candidates Weigh In on Boulton Allegations UPDATED

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Cathy Glasson released the following statement in regards to the Des Moines Register article on Senator Boulton’s sexual misconduct:

“These reports of sexual misconduct about Senator Boulton in the Des Moines Register today are extremely disturbing. We need a Governor we can trust to stand up and fight for fair treatment for Iowa women. Nate Boulton’s behavior disqualifies him from leading our state government.”

Also making statements were Ross Wilburn and John Norris.

Ross Wilburn : 

“Sexual or other forms of harassment are unacceptable. While I am learning about these allegations through the media, I have spent my career creating workplace environments that are safe, where all people are educated about proper conduct and where victims feel comfortable coming forward to report. Iowans believe in treating each other respectfully. We need to especially ensure that respectful behavior occurs in the halls of government.”

John Norris:

“Let me be very clear, there is no place for sexual misconduct or harassment in politics or anywhere else. This behavior is unacceptable and intolerable no matter where it takes place. My heart goes out to the women who endured this behavior and I applaud their bravery in coming forward, and every woman who has come forward in the Me Too movement before them.”

Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Troy Price also weighed in stating that “sexual harassment is unacceptable. Period. Everyone who comes forward with experiences of sexual harassment needs to be heard. Any candidate who represents our Party must embody and promote those principles.”

Boulton was accused of sexual misconduct by three women earlier today in an article by the Des Moines Register. Boulton released the following statement confronting the allegations that are not sitting well with the public with citizens calling the statement “victim blaming”.


Calls for the Democratic frontrunner to drop out of the race are starting to come in, with Democratic representatives in government, such a Bruce Hunter, are publically contemplating pulling their endorsements from Boulton. State Representative Art Staed officially pulled his support of Boulton in an announcement on his Facebook page earlier this evening.

Another demand for Boulton to drop from the gubernatorial race came from the College and Young Democrats of Iowa. They issued the following letter just moments ago.


PVI will continue to report on further information as it comes in.

One comment

  • I am sad to see Cathy ‘weigh in’ on this. I WOULD HAVE PREFERRED that she make no comment and let things go where they may. It is Nate’s problem out of which to get. DESPITE the veracity we have to give to those making the allegations, he IS until he admits otherwise still ‘innocent ’til proven guilty’. THE WHOLE THING is sad and disgraceful. But weighing does not help Cathy any. To let things go foward on their own would have been wiser.


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