Des Moines School Board Passes Resolution on Gun Violence

UPDATE: The resolution was passed unanimously.

Tonight the Board of Iowa’s largest school district will consider a resolution that, if adopted, would make a firm statement of solidarity and support with students across the country demanding action on gun violence and mass shootings.

Resolution 18-042  addresses a number of issues, events, and arguments that have been part of the national conversation since the tragedy at Parkland including flatly rejecting the of arming teachers as a solution.

“…teachers are not trained law enforcement officers” the resolution states. “…there is no reason based on any viable research to suggest that adding guns into a school setting or arming teachers would prevent these acts”

The resolution concludes with several demand including a full ban on the “manufacture, sale, purchase, possession and use of assault weapons”, a stronger universal background check system, an extension of the perimeter of gun free zones, and increased funding for adequate mental health resources and staff at schools.

Upon passage the Board intends to distribute copies of the resolution to Senator Grassley and Ernst, Congressman David Young, any member of the Iowa General Assembly representing districts served by DMPS, and to the Council of Great City Schools.

The resolution will be considered and voted on tonight at 6:00 pm at 1800 Grand Avenue. If you are interested in speaking at this meeting you can sign up by clicking here.




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