Frerick Suspends Campaign

“Money remains the largest barrier to participating in our democracy.” – Austin Frerick


Winterset — Austin Frerick announced that he would end his campaign for the Democratic nomination in Iowa’s Third Congressional District effective immediately.


“Thank you to all of our supporters here in the Third District, across Iowa, and around the country. I couldn’t be prouder of all that our campaign has accomplished. We built the largest social media following of any candidate in this race, we exposed the corrupt and conflicted dealings of the Iowa Farm Bureau, we took our message to national publications like The New York Times, The Intercept, The Washington Monthly, Civil Eats, SlowFoodsUSA, The Nation, and numerous small town Iowa papers like the Creston News Advertiser, Guthrie Times, and Earlham Advocate, and, most importantly, we helped build a grassroots movement to fight the economic concentration and monopoly power that is wreaking havoc on communities in Iowa and across the country,” Frerick said.

“However, in spite of those achievements, we could not raise what I believed to be the necessary funding to continue in this race,” Frerick said. “In 2018, money remains the largest barrier to participating in our democracy, not just at the campaign level, but also for the single mom who can’t get off work to go caucus for the candidate who she believes would best represent her.”

“We are rapidly moving towards a culture and an economy that does not acknowledge the dignity of working people,” Frerick continued. “In rural and working America, people are just getting by and the public spaces and glue of civic life are falling apart,” he continued. “The professional class is so far removed from the day-to-day lives of working people that they remain oblivious to the hollowing out of the country right in front of their eyes.”

Frerick came to national attention for his call to block a proposed merger between Monsanto and Bayer, and his argument that companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Tysons, and Nestle represent a danger to our economy and politics due to their dominant market share.

Frerick also brought a national spotlight on the Iowa Farm Bureau and how the organization’s significant investments in large agribusiness, oil, and chemical companies puts them in conflict with the interests of the farmers that it claims to represent. “The Iowa Farm Bureau,” Frerick continued, ” is more concerned with it’s executives’ dividends than the well-being of family farms.”

Frerick announced he would take the next few days to reflect on his campaign and consider who would be the best Democratic candidate to carry the torch of fighting monopoly power and beat David Young in November.


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