The Heartbeat of Tragedy

By Ryan Rogers

The beat goes on doesn’t it? Every couple of weeks we are shocked when a disaffected man slaughters large numbers of people. It happens so often that even the media doesn’t come close to covering every instance. It’s just a fact of life.
We argue over how much regulation needs done if any at all. We talk about mental illness. We talk about 3d printed guns. We call them “false flags”. We obfuscate by bringing up irrelevant statistics about Countries, Cities, States. We lament about prescription depression medications. We lament over video games and movies. We want to pray this away, yet we can’t. We want to turn our schools into virtual prisons with armed guards in every hall “for the kids”.
We are spinning our wheels till the next one. Once or twice every decade is a semi-unavoidable tragedy in a society with loosely regulated and widely available weapons of war. Hundreds of dead children is a slow motion demolition derby of terror that will destroy our societal vehicle.
All the while, during our mosh pit of angry social media postings and angry frothing, the arms manufacturers are prepping for the heartbeat of tragedy to pump more cash back to them. Using the hurried purchases of terrified Americans and gun hoarding “patriots” to act as the blood of their circulatory system. 300 million guns circulating and the profits implied isn’t enough. They will take those funds and pipe them directly into the heart of the American terror industrial complex, the NRA. As the NRA is nothing more than the lobbying arm of the arms manufacturers, they will flex their evil heart and pump this money into a new shocking fear mongering ad for their consumers and a fat check to their purchased lawmakers. “Thanks for the money”, Americas weapons industry says, “and to hell with the innocents.”
For nearly a decade we have made a choice to do nothing as this pulse cycled and even quickened. That the profits of the domestic branch of the military industrial complex was more important than people dying. That is what will be written in our history books. I offer no solutions. The beat goes on.

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