RESULTS: Who Do You Want to See Take on David Young?

ThirddistrictFor a detailed report of the results click here

Progressive candidates Pete D’Alessandro and Austin Frerick both ended up in a statistical tie in our Third District Congressional Race poll, with Cindy Axne getting edged out for third place before the results become more decisive. Both D’Alessandro and Frerick traded the claim for the top spot throughout the four-day time period the poll was conducted but neither let go of the top two spots at any point in time though both Axne and Greenfield received favorable reviews from participants.

There is no denying that both D’Alessandro and Frerick are both almost indistinguishable from each other in terms of Progressive ideology, however the biggest factor determining what form that leadership takes was where each of the candidates come from and how that would influence their ability to properly represent the District.

It seems D’Alessandro’s endorsements by Our Revolution’s National Office and Senator Bernie Sanders, gave the former the organizer and director for the Sanders Iowa campaign an edge in the minds of participants. What D’Alessandro lacks, but Frerick possesses, however, is the endorsement of Progressives in rural sections of the District that frequently find their own issues overshadowed by those of Polk County. One participant stated that Frericks was the only candidate who can “properly represent not just Des Moines but the entire 3rd district”.

As we head into the final hours before caucus 2018 It is clear that, in taking this poll into account, the Third District is ready for boldly Progressive leadership. We here at PVI encourage every Progressive to find their caucus place and let their voices be heard. A number of candidates on both the federal and state level that are finally talking about fighting for 15, Medicare for all, Tuition free college, cannabis decriminalization, and other issues and policies. Progressives have managed to take over the conversation. Progressives have made a difference and we need to continue to just keep getting louder.

If you need information on tonight’s caucus or find your caucus location, click this link

If you need transportation to the caucus tonight, regardless of who you may be supporting if anyone at all, click here and sign up for assistance



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