BREAKING: The Caucus Will Go On But Some Locations Have Changed

PVI will continue to monitor changes to caucus locations to the best of our ability. Be sure to check the Iowa Democratic Party website for the most up to date changes.

Despite the snowy weather the Caucus will go on at 7:00PM without delay. To any of our readers planning to still attend the Caucus tonight we wish you a safe trip to and from your destination.

The winter weather that has caused numerous accidents and travel headaches throughout much of the state left some wondering if there was any affect on tonight’s mid-term Caucus. In a joint statement issued by both the Iowa Democratic and Republican Parties. That statement can be found below.

“The Iowa Caucuses will continue as planned this evening.  We recognize the hardship that today’s weather could cause for some caucus-goers to get to their caucus site this evening. However, after reviewing Iowa Code and our respective constitutions, there is no provision for us to postpone the caucuses due to weather.

“We urge everyone to use caution and common-sense when heading out this evening. Take it slow, allow plenty of time, and take care while on the roads. If any caucus-goers have questions or concerns, they should check the Republican Party of Iowa website or call 515-282-8105 or the Iowa Democratic Party website or call 515-244-7292.”

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