Results: Who Do You Want to See Take on Rod Blum?

  • A detailed report of the results can be found here.


George Ramsey III took the top spot in our First District Congressional Race poll, edging out former Sanders National Delegate Courtney Rowe, who in turn edged out DCCC supported Abby Finkenauer. Though both Rowe and Finkenauer received the most top spot rankings, the feud that is playing out between supporters of the two prolific candidates came into play and ultimately affected the results. Meanwhile, Ramsey took the majority of second and third rankings, helping to boost him up to the number one spot. Green Party candidate Henry Gaff finished on the bottom of most rankings.

With this poll, we added an optional space for participants to elaborate on their choices. Rowe received positive reviews for being the most “progressive” and “transparent”. These attributes helped Rowe earn an endorsement from Justice Democrats last October. Finkenauer also received positive reviews for being “ready to lead” and having the “best chance of winning”. One review stated she had “she has the most years ahead of her, and a proven record behind her!”

Finkenauer, however, also received the lion’s share of criticisms. One reviewer stated that they lost trust in Finkenauer with the DCCC endorsement.

“I resent outsiders, be it the IDP or groups outside of our district picking our candidates (Finkenauer.) They and their money should stay out of things until OUR primary has decided our candidate!”

Another referred to Finkenauer as “basically a Republican”, and feared that such would hand the district back over to Blum.

The poll for Second District is now up. With the lack of primary opponents for sitting Representative Dave Loebsack the poll is a typical format between he and independent (nominated by petition) candidate and former Sanders National Delegate Daniel Clark. You can find that poll here.

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