Call To Action: Protest Planned in Ames Against Anti-Muslim Event

Indivisible Iowa has issued an urgent call to action to confront an event sponsored by the Republican Women of Central Iowa featuring an anti-Muslim speaker by the name of Dr. Stephen M. Kirby on Tuesday, January 16th at the Gateway Hotel & Conference Center in Ames.

Kirby has a long history of spreading fear mongering misinformation regarding the Islamic religion, brandishing the religion itself as violent and radical by its very nature.  It is important that the Progressive community in Iowa comes together to help speak out against such bigotry and shows support to Muslims in Ames and across the state.

Calls to the Gateway Hotel to cancel the event are urged. You can contact the hotel at 515-292-8600.

Emails to the Republican Women of Central Iowa are also being urged. You can reach them at Let them know that this event does not represent Iowa values and demand that they cancel the event.

Ames Police have been informed that a public protest at the entrance to the hotel is being planned. Please be advised that the hotel grounds are private property, and public demonstration is not allowed. However, it will be legal to stand across the street from the hotel.

What: Ames Welcomes our Muslim Neighbors Demonstration

When: Tuesday, January 16th at 6:00pm

Where: Gateway Hotel & Conference Center in Ames, Iowa

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