Iowa Activists For Cathy Glasson


We are a group of Iowa based activists who officially endorse Cathy Glasson for Governor of the great state of Iowa.  We support our future governor for the following reasons:


  1.     Cathy helped unionize fellow nurses and service employees at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  Despite numerous intimidation efforts,  SEIU Local 199 was formed from that organizing.  We know we can count on Cathy to speak truth to power and put People first because she’s been doing it since the 90’s when she was tired of seeing people get beaten up and worked with others to form her union. She understands unions are the foundation of a prosperous working class.


  1.     Cathy is a strong believer in a $15 an hour minimum wage and was one of the first candidates to call for it outright. She understands that when working people get a raise, most of the new income goes directly back into the local economy. She understands that with a larger tax pool, we will have more revenue to invest in things like education. A $15 minimum wage would allow thousands of Iowans to get off public assistance and be able to afford basic expenses without government aid. Cathy knows we need to act now to raise the wage so full time workers aren’t living in poverty.


  1.     Cathy has reached and connected with the LGBTQ+ community and is overtly inclusive towards our transgender community members.  Cathy isn’t just paying lip service because it’s popular among leftists.  She genuinely cares about the community and is the only candidate thus far to directly address how discrimination in wages and employment, and healthcare costs, affect transgender Iowans and the LGBTQ+ community.  Unlike another gubernatorial candidate, Cathy believes that conversion therapy does indeed happen in Iowa and she opposes it.


  1.     Cathy believes that healthcare is a human right.  In order to fix our broken healthcare system we must remove the for profit model and implement a Medicare-For-All system.  If Washington won’t do a single-payer at the federal level, Cathy will continue to build support in all 99 counties to make it happen here in Iowa.   People are going bankrupt and dying due to lack of healthcare.  We are the only first world nation that allows this to happen.


  1.  Cathy doesn’t just talk, she rallies alongside activists and workers.  She was on the front lines of the Labor Day strike actions in Des Moines, right next to striking Burger King workers and local community activists.  She has shown, time and time again, that she is willing to stand in solidarity with workers.  Cathy can be relied upon to fight for everyday Iowans, even when it means standing on the picket lines at 5 A.M.  


Iowans need a governor who understands the struggle and needs of everyday people. We need a governor who stands up for what is right and has a strong history of serving others. Cathy Glasson is that person.


Our list of activist leaders is ongoing. It’s only going to grow. Come join our people powered movement to take back our state and add your name to our statement of support.


In Solidarity,


Jason Frerichs: Chairman IDP Progressive Caucus, State Central Committee Member

Dylan P. Funk: Vice-Chairman IDP Progressive Caucus, State Central Committee Member

Madalyn Anderson: Our Revolution Story County Iowa

Laura Blanchard – Educator for Cathy, Planned Parenthood Activist

Alexandra Rucinski – Planned Parenthood Activist

Nicole Fraker – Educator for Cathy

Mason Fraker – Henry County Democrats Vice Chair

Chris Laursen: President UAW Local 74, Bernie Sanders National Delegate

Nora Taft: Bernie Sanders National Delegate, IDP 2nd District State Central Committee Member

Kate Larson: Dubuque City Council Member Elect, Bernie Sanders National Delegate

Francis Thicke: PHD, Former National Program Director for USDA Soil Science, Organic Farmer

Alex Anderson: Affirmative Action Chair – IDP State Central Committee

Evan Burger: IDP 4th District State Central Committee Member, CWA Member, Bernie Sanders 2016 Advance Team Director

Jessica Fears: IDP 4th District State Central Committee Member

David Johnson: Bernie Sanders Alternate Delegate, Former West Branch City Council Member, University of Iowa

Jon Ryk, Member: IUP Local 893

Holly Herbert: IDP 3rd District State Central Committee Member, Activist, IDP Progressive Caucus Member

Heather Pearson: CCI Action Member

Jon Green: IDP Second District State Central Committee Member, Mayor-elect: Lone Tree

Sarah J. Hinds: Secretary Pro Tempore IDP Disability Caucus, Secretary Linn County Disability Caucus, Chairman Credentials Committee Linn County.

Joan Olive: Spirit Lake, IA

Brian McLaine: Founding Member of the IDP Progressive Caucus

Scott Roland: Activist, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Mike Carberry: IDP Second District State Central Committee, Johnson County Supervisor

Kurt Friese: Johnson County Supervisor

Kate Revaux: IDP Second District State Central Committee Member, Bernie 2016,

Amanda Malaski: Fourth District Chair of the IDP Progressive Caucus

Dan Foley: Activist, Davenport

Crystal Defatte: Platform Committee Chair for IDP Progressive Caucus

Cherie Mortice: CCI Action Member

Laura Hubka: State Activist, Former Chair of Howard County Democrats

Alex Stroda: Vice Chair Wapello County Democrats

Nick Kruse: Activist, Des Moines

Ryan Hall: former City Council candidate, Iowa City

Ingrid Olson: Council Bluffs, LBGT Activist, Bernie Sanders National Delegate

Lindsey Ellickson: Linn County Central Committee Member, Social Worker, Social Justice Activist

Matt Dalbey: Ottumwa City Council Member, UAW Local 74 Member

Holly Berg: Ottumwa City Council Member Elect

Ryan Rogers: 2nd District Chair of the IDP Progressive Caucus

Jack Reardon: CCI Action Fund Member, Former Bernie Sanders 2016 DFO


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