LTE: Mandelbaum’s Win a Win for Clean Water

Josh Mandelbaum’s win in the Des Moines City Council election was incredibly important for the well-being of our residents. Josh brings expertise and knowledge as an environmental attorney for the Environmental Law andPolicy Center. But, more significantly, he proved he is a man of action when he spoke at a public hearing against a proposal by the Republicans on the Hill last year to dismantle Des Moines Water Works. Mayor Frank Cownie and City Manager Scott Sanders failed us and caved under pressure.That can’t happen again.

I think Josh can bring a depth of understanding and guide discussions on water quality in a way that will serve the residents of Des Moines. Safe drinking water is the single most important public health issue right now in the state of Iowa. Contamination of water bodies throughout the state is at an all-time high. That toxic brew comes downstream to us.

Josh brings fresh energy on the council to spear-head the support that Bill Stowe and his staff at Des Moines Water Works deserves so they can continue to make decisions regarding the budget, operation, maintenance and delivery of safe drinking water to a half million people.

But, as ratepayers and customers, we all have a responsibility to weigh in and be water protectors. That means holding our elected officials accountable and making sure that DMWW continues to be an independent water utility and stays out of the hands of politicians.


-Cherie Mortice

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