Call To Action: Local Des Moines Groups, Businesses Call on Tyson Foods to Cut Pollution

Des Moines will officially join the nation-wide campaign to hold America’s largest meat company accountable for the widespread water pollution affecting states from the Heartland to the Gulf of Mexico on Oct 11. Twenty groups that represent Iowa’s business, agricultural, and environmental communities will be releasing a letter calling on the CEO of Tyson Foods to fulfill his sustainability promises by adopting specific practices that would reduce water pollution and protect natural landscapes across the country.

This letter comes in response to a report released earlier this summer linking America’s largest meat companies to the largest Dead Zone on record in the Gulf of Mexico, in addition to a variety of other environmental and public health issues in the U.S. Pollution from raising meat is contaminating drinking water across the Midwest, and flowing downstream along the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico where it causes a massive dead zone each year. The bulk of this pollution comes from the vast quantities of animal feed produced to raise meat, and water pollution from many of these processes is “one of America’s most widespread, costly, and challenging environmental problems,” according to a report from the EPA. As the largest meat producer in the U.S., Tyson has a unique opportunity to reduce the environmental consequences of meat and lead the industry toward a more sustainable future.

Bill Stowe, Des Moines Water Works CEO
Ash Bruxvoort, Farmer’s daughter & worked in food system for years
Elise Peterson-Trujillo, ‘Clean It Up, Tyson!’ Campaign Organizer

Wednesday October 11, 2017
11:00 – 11:30am

Outside Riverwalk Hub (on Water St between Court and Walnut)

For details or more information contact:
Elise Peterson-Trujillo, Mighty Earth Campaign Organizer
(925) 705-5814

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