Allen Drops Bid for Iowa Senate Seat

Over the weekend progressive candidate, Jamie Allen dropped her bid for the Iowa Senate seat in District 41. The announcement, made on her Facebook page, can be found below:

I regret to inform those that have been supporters of my campaign that I have made the difficult decision to suspend it.

I went into this in February of this year thinking I could be the face of the younger generation that have been silenced. My family and every young family I know struggles with real-life consequences of choices made before we were born and throughout our childhood. I wanted to be a voice for us, someone that could bring to light topics that are often dismissed as our generations being “lazy” when in reality the deck is stacked against us.

The problem with this thinking was that I was naive. I thought making a difference meant stepping up and helping to be the change. I went into my campaign wanting to be a public servant and listen to people. I wanted to make sure we were all heard. That’s not modern day politics, unfortunately.

Politics is less about who you want to help and more about who you know, how much money you can raise and how often you are seen schmoozing with the right people in the right circles. When you are struggling to pay your bills every month your budget doesn’t lend itself to paying babysitters, entrance fees, gas, etc. Word of warning- we will not engage young people if their problems are never heard. If you must be independently wealthy, retired and free from multiple commitments then we will not get younger generations running for office. If the circle is so close-knit and challenging to break into we will see less people even trying.

I am a mother of four children 1st grade and younger, a community organizer for non-profit helping kids with learning and attention issues, a Girl Scout leader, a Boy Scout leader, a PTO member, a classroom mom, and a community volunteer. My commitments to my community will always come before political shindigs-no apologies.

I spent time talking to people that were not involved in politics to increase awareness rather than preaching to the choir. I wanted to broaden awareness that politics affects each of us whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. When I raise money I want it to be for something that impacts lives. Spending thousands in a primary against fellow Democrats I respect is not worth it to me.

This being said I will continue to do my civic duty helping our children and community in all the ways I do but will postpone running for any elected office. I hope changes are made, I hope eyes are opened and I hope for a better future for our children than the one we were promised growing up.

Thank you again to each of you following my page. May we work together to be the change we want to see in the world every day in our daily lives.

Elections are important and have consequences-please get involved in some way and always make sure to vote. 
Best of luck to Steve Siegel and Mary Stewart. Southeast Iowa deserves better representation than we have now.

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