Glasson Receives Endorsement from National Progressive Organization

Progressive Change Campaign Committee, one the nation’s leading progressive political movements, has chosen Cathy Glasson as its first gubernatorial endorsement for 2018. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) endorsed Glasson’s campaign for Iowa Governor today saying her bold, progressive platform on Medicare for All is “a model for all 2018 candidates.” This week PCCC members recommended overwhelmingly that Glasson’s endorsement should be a national priority for the organization. PCCC is emailing its one million members this afternoon with a grassroots fundraising appeal for Cathy’s campaign. 

“My campaign for Governor of Iowa is about building a bold, progressive movement to turn our state around,” Cathy Glasson said. “That’s why I’m honored to have earned the endorsement of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Like me, PCCC members across America aren’t content to tinker around the edges. We can dramatically improve the lives of more than a million Iowans with our bold ideas of raising the wage to $15, expanding union rights and Medicare for All. This fight won’t be easy, but together I’m convinced we will win back Iowa in 2018 and change our nation in 2020.

“We endorse Cathy Glasson because she is an authentic, gut-level economic populist who is instinctively on the side of working people,” said Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the PCCC. “She is one of the top bold progressives running for governor this cycle. With her history as a nurse and an advocate for workers, Cathy will bring bold progressive change to Iowa with a $15 minimum wage, expanding union rights, and Medicare for All.”

“We’re fighting an outdated political system that has shut us out and failed us for decades,” Glasson concluded. “We’re saying loud and clear that Republican-lite policies aren’t going to cut it this year. I’m proud that a million bold progressives around the country will have my back in this fight.

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