Two Gubernatorial Candidates Declare Support for Medicare for All

Iowa Democratic gubernatorial candidates, Jon Neiderbach and Cathy Glasson, made strong declarations of support for the Medicare for All legislation announced by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders this week.

“I supported Bernie Sanders for President largely because of his “Medicare for All” proposal for single-payer, universal coverage health insurance”, Neiderbach stated on his campaign’s Facebook page. “I strongly endorse his updated proposal and urge all Democratic candidates in Iowa to join me.”

Neiderbach went on to state that as governor he would work towards implementing a single payer system in Iowa in lieu of a federal action.

Cathy Glasson, an intensive care nurse and a front-runner in the Democratic primary, also stated that Iowa should take the lead on single-payer healthcare at the Progressive Iowa Corn Feed. She sees Medicare for All as a necessary step to help those “hurt by a health care system that costs too much, cares too little and puts profits at the top before patients every single time,” Glasson said during her speech.

Glasson reaffirmed her support of single payer in a press release on Wednesday, stating that she stands “100%” with Senator Sanders and that she would “fight for universal, single-payer healthcare right here in Iowa”, should Washington fail to do the right thing.

The bold and unwavering positions on fundamental progressive issues of both of these candidates has noticeably shaped the conversation in the race for Terrace Hill. Potential voters and progressive activists alike have voice appreciation of the stances of both Neiderbach and Glasson, which has resulted in many of the other candidates following their lead.

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