Joni Ernst Wants to Hear from You

by Jason Frerichs

The Cedar Rapids Gazette has reported that Iowa Senator Joni Ernst will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, at 12:30 pm at the Washington High School, 111 S B Avenue, on the south side of the city of Washington. The newspaper says that Senator Ernst expects to hear from people opposed to Obamacare.

Our Republican representatives just love hearing from their constituents.    Some of them are so overcome with excitement that they feel the need to run out the back door, lest they burst from all the pent up joy they get from serving their constituents.  Joni would certainly love to hear from us and I’m sure she would love to explain why she voted to take healthcare away from millions of people.

Senator Ernst doesn’t think your voice matters.  Unless you’re a wealthy donor, she isn’t interested in your opinion.  Joni has been sucking off the government teat and loves her corporate Socialism.  I encourage everyone on the left to show up and make Joni squeal.

The best way to describe Joni is C.I.N.O.  Christian In Name Only.

Update: There will also be a town hall at 4:30 pm in Fort Dodge.  The location’s address is 800 N 32nd Street, Fort Dodge, IA 50501


One comment

  • Lies. She doesn’t and didn’t want to hear from us. She wanted to have a photo of and give the appearance of listening to her constituents. I contacted her about net neutrality, and received back an email full of lies and basically a promise to ignore me and what is right. After all, if she listens, the big checks from rich corporations will stop.

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