Troy Price is the Iowa Democratic Party Chair

by Jason Frerichs

According to Patrick Rynard at Iowa Starting Line, he announced on July 7th.  The race for chair was contested by Bob Krause, Troy Price, and Julie Stauch.  Troy has a strong political background.  He is also the first openly gay IDP Chair.  Congratulations to Troy for his win today. It will be important that the new chair is able to hit the ground running.  We don’t have time for a training period.  I am confident that Troy will be ready to go on Monday.

Troy has been the head of Hillary for Iowa and was a top Obama staffer in 2012.  He has been active in politics since he was a senior in high school.  He has worked for Governors Vilsack and Culver and was the head of One Iowa, the largest LGBTQ advocacy group in the state of Iowa.

From the IDP Press Release:

Today, Troy Price was elected the Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party by the Party’s State Central Committee.

“Troy is exactly who we need leading the Party in this critical moment,” said Interim Chair and 1st Vice Chair Andrea Phillips. “He is someone who knows how to navigate tough campaigns and bring folks together. I am incredibly optimistic about the future of our Party with Troy at the helm.”

Troy Price is a longtime Iowa political operative and strategist as well as a vocal LGBT rights advocate. Raised in Durant, Iowa, Troy has held positions in various campaigns and causes around Iowa since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2004.

Troy has worked for Governor Vilsack and Lt. Gov. Pederson, Governor Culver and Lt. Gov. Judge. He headed Iowa’s largest LGBT advocacy group, One Iowa and has worked behind the scenes as political director for President Obama’s Iowa re-election campaign and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He has also served as the Iowa Democratic Party’s executive director.

“First, I want to thank my fellow candidates for their dedication to the future of our Party. I know this was a tough choice for our State Central Committee members, and I hope Ms. Stauch and Mr. Krause will continue their valuable activism within the Party.” said Mr. Price.

“I am incredibly honored to serve as Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. The road ahead will not be easy. We’re facing opposition at every turn, but I am confident that with the best volunteers, activists and candidates, together, we will win up and down the ticket. Our commitment to protecting good, union jobs, growing our economy, protecting women’s rights, and making health care affordable for every family will never waver. The challenges we face as a party are real, but together we can meet them head on. Let’s get to work”

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