Derek Eadon Steps Down as IDP Chair

Here is an email PVI received this morning…

Dear County Chair,

“Today, with a heavy heart, I am announcing my resignation as Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.  In recent months, I have been dealing with health issues and missing too much time on the job.  Recently, I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, a painful but non-lethal ailment that requires radiation procedures over the summer.  Very shortly I will be back on my feet and knocking doors for Democrats.  It is important that this party has a Chair that can dedicate all of his or her time to this effort, and it is clear that I am not able to.

This is going to be an outstanding election for Iowa Democrats, and whoever is elected as the new Chair on July 22nd will be inheriting a great team, a solid amount of cash on hand, and fantastic candidates.  I look forward to being helpful to the party in this transition and most importantly wish everyone the best of luck.  Thank you to the State Central Committee and other Democrats across the state for supporting me. The last five months have shown me just how strong this party is.  I will be taking some much needed time off, and I am excited to see what Democrats can do this election.”

I wanted you to hear this from me first. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a neurological disorder that causes intense pain but can be fixed with surgery and radiation. In recent months, I have missed too many meetings and calls to make this work.  I had gone months during the 2016 election without any complications, but this March, the ailment became worse and has hit a tipping point in the last month. It is also looking like there would be some time off in coming months that needed to be taken for treatment. I am very disappointed and apologize for the inconvenience to you all. Ultimately I think the right step is to try to get a new chair in as quickly as possible.
We will be issuing a press release this morning.
I have also called for a special SCC meeting to occur on July 22nd for the purpose of electing a new chair. Until then, Vice Chair Andrea Phillips will be assuming the duties of chair to assist with Hall of Fame prep and other responsibilities.
I will be fine, as will the party. We are going to win in 2018 and thank you all for what you do.
Thank you,

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