Poll: If the Democratic Primary for Governor was Held Today…

In the time since our last gubernatorial poll there have been several changes to the field. Rich Leopold and Mike Carberry both dropped their prospective bids. Jon Neiderbach is no longer the lone, boldly progressive voice in the race as he is now joined by Cathy Glasson, who began her campaign with a video detailing a solidly progressive agenda.

Please remember this is not a scientific poll, but steps to curb issues such as repeat voting have been taken and the results monitored  and broken down in a future article


  • I had the opportunity to attend a forum with McGuire, Norris, Glasson, Pritchard and Boulton, last night. I went in really wanting to like Glasson. Her pedigree, as a labor advocate, really made me optimistic about her candidacy. HOWEVER, I now feel she does not have the gravitas required to win against the well-funded Koch/ALEC machine. Pritchard, however, was tremendous. He’s boldly progressive, and has 22 years of military experience that should help conservatives to like him and swing over into the Dem side. He’s well-spoken, and has that special something that we need, to win. I think, with the slash and burn ReThuglican terrorism that occurred, at our state house, we MUST win 2018. Norris also has a nice gravitas about him, and Boulton would be my 3rd choice.


    • #NeverAndy

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    • Prichard is the one! He is progressive, fair minded and has his mind on the people. I like the fact he is a leader in the military and he is very professional. Yes, he does have that special something that Democrats have lacked in the governor’s race. His poll numbers will come up when more people hear about him and hear him talk. Someone all Iowans can rally around! Boulton is needed in the Iowa Senate. He is only a freshman in the Senate but has been a good spokesman for labor and Iowa Democrats. We need him more in the Iowa Senate than in Terrace Hill


  • Cathy has done a lot of things that required gravitas. She organized a Union and is the leader of that Union. I doubt that she lacks the grit needed to take on Republicans. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge her.


  • Floyd J. Gardner

    Gravitas seems an unusual word to describe what is needed to beat Kim Reynolds. While I must agree that Cathy Glasson does lack solemn manners, I’m not convince that will be an important part of the election . I would not use the word to describe Kim Reynolds, either. I feel good about all the candidates I saw at the Asian/Latino Forum on the 22nd, but the most surprising voice was, without a doubt, Glasson. Women to women, Glasson will run Reynolds until her ankles smoke. That she might have a grin on her face while doing it in no way destroys how serious the results will be.

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