Seven Questions for Veterans Caucus Vice Chair Candidate Chris Laursen

by Jason Frerichs

PVI: Tell us a bit about your background. How did you get involved with political and social justice movements?

I first became active in politics during the Occupy Wall St. movement. It was the first time I realized that millions of Americans were just as disgusted and incensed as I was with our ‘pay to play’ political system. But it wasn’t until Bernie Sanders ran for president that I felt any sort of hope. It was then when I turned the corner. It was then that I committed myself completely and without reservation to challenging the status quo oligarchy.


PVI: What is your military background?

I served in the U.S. Army as a scout in Fox Trp. 2/11 ACR.


PVI: Why are you running for Vice Chair?

I am running for vice chair because I believe that I offer the leadership skills to mend a broken caucus and because I believe in serving those who have served.


PVI: What issues are most important to you?

The single most important issue to me is getting money out of politics. Every problem we have revolves around the festering fact that we have a government that is sold to the highest bidders. I believe in equality in every sense.


PVI: What type of impact are you hoping to have as a member of the State Central Committee?

The state central committee needs a guy like me. I am undaunted by status quo party pressure.


PVI: What should the Iowa Democratic Party be doing that it isn’t currently doing?

The IDP needs to stop their classist fundraising methods. They need to quit the double talk. They need to realize that their archaic and ineffective way of organizing is costing them elections. They need to call out the DNC for going against their own charter and rigging a presidential primary. They need to wake up before it’s too late.


PVI: Who is the better dancer? Chris Laursen or James Marren?

Definitely James Marren. I have seen his sweet, sweet moves at one of my rallies. He has my vote for that anyway.


One comment

  • I am a Democratic veteran too and I disagree on the money issue. You can’t run political party or a campaign without lots of money. I hope the veterans caucus representative to the state central committee will be one that serves on the central committee finance committee and help propose and implement ways to get lots money for the state party. Democrats aren’t rich so that is why we need to push for money. we CANNOT WIN ELECTIONS WITHOUT IT AND LOTS OF IT!!!


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