Action Iowa Issues Official Statement on Trump Walk Out

Progressive organization, Action Iowa, took a stand last night in Cedar Rapids at a “campaign” rally for Donald Trump. The following is an official statement released to combat misinformation being released by other press outlets:

Our protest, which is clearly documented by our live broadcast, shows that we began protesting BEFORE Trump used his injured colleague to gain sympathy, directly after praising how they got the “2nd Amendment thing taken care of” with Gorsuch–which actually was what triggered our protest because we detest violence. We believe the amount of people in the US who are killed or injured by guns is unacceptable and should be more of a focus than getting the 2nd Amendment “taken care of” :::cough:::NRA Lobby:::drain the swamp:::cough, cough:::

We will not back down, even after false and poor reporting from the news outlets. We will continue to show up at townhalls and fighting for our communities.

Brietbart Insider came out and said that we were paid by SOROS. Prove it liars. Maybe it’s in the vault next to Obama’s birth certificate in Hillary’s server closet. Because anytime you don’t have evidence or proof you invoke Soros, Clinton, or Obama. They are a broken crutch. The resistance is stronger than your lies. You would love for people to think we are too stupid to be mad and organized. You are wrong and we both know it. We are not afraid of you.

For the truth, you can watch our live feed and see we start in right after he talks about the Supreme Court. You hear, “ready,” and it starts. We know you are disappointed that we aren’t sick and twisted. We are also not mind readers and had no idea what Trump would speak about.

@donaldtrump it “never fails” because you never fail to disappoint the entire country, which is why your approval ratings are below 40%. When you take healthcare from 24 million people, this country will come together just like you claim to want. But, they will come together to make sure you and your cronies are not re-elected.

We also had people assaulted in the group. We were not violent, your supporters were violent- as usual. Take some responsibility for the hate and violence you sow across this country. We saw a Nazi skinhead at YOUR rally. You are not a leader for all people when Nazis idolize you and your supporters use violence at YOUR rallies as President.

We will see you at the polls. #2020 #resist


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