Texas Representative Calls for Impeachment on House Floor

Texas Democratic Congressman Al Green minced no words this morning, as he called for the impeachment of President Trump. While he is not the first Congressional Representative to do so, as Maxine Waters was quite explicit in her desire to see Trump removed from office. However, Green was the first to do so from the floor of the House.

Over the past few weeks, as Trump’s dealings with former FBI Director James Comey and alleged obstruction of an investigation has come to light, support for impeachment has been growing on both sides of the aisle. Trump, on the other hand, has seemingly been thumbing his nose at the entire thing, offering little in regard to explanation and simply denouncing the information as untruthful. As of yet there has been no comment from Iowa’s elected officials in regards to this matter.

You can find the video of Representative Green’s speech from the floor below.

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