Call Out Corner: Jeff Danielson

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s.  He does not claim to represent anyone but himself as it pertains to the opinion expressed in the article.


by Jason Frerichs

Jeff Danielson is a state senator serving Iowa Senate District 30 and resides in Waterloo, IA.  He recently voted in favor of SF 481, a bill that aims to deny state funds to any city that provides a safe haven for undocumented immigrants.  Critics of the bill say that it would burden taxpayers and increase instances of racial profiling.  Independent Senator David Johnson called the bill “disgusting,” adding, “We should be celebrating the dignity of every human being on earth.”  He also questioned the timing of the bill, given that it was debated during Holy Week, in the lead up to Easter.  Democratic Senator Matt McCoy described the bill as nothing more than an attempt to create ammunition to use against Democrats who voted against this bill.  He issued the following statement, “Shameful. This bill is an affront on everybody who has stood up or justice and trying to do things the right away in this state.”

A large number of organizations have registered their opposition to this bill, such as the Iowa League of Cities, Iowa State Bar Association, Iowa Police Chiefs Association, Iowa County Attorneys Association, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa, Iowa Catholic Conference, Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, etc.  Constituents in Danielson’s district have stated that he is refusing to answer any questions about his vote.  For a man that has referred to himself as a “progressive” to vote like a Republican shows us that we have to fight two battles.  One against the Republicans and the other against Neoliberals from the Democratic Party.  Those of us who have personal experience and/or have studied this issue in depth understand that the US shoulders a huge portion of responsibility for the situation on our southern border.  For shitting all over a marginalized group of people in order to score a few political points, Senator Jeff Danielson has the dubious honor of being the first person to visit the Call Out Corner.

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