Welcome aboard Dave Loebsack

I’d like to congratulate Representative Dave Loebsack for co-sponsoring the Medicare-for-All bill that is in the House right now. As progressives we should have solidarity in supporting the best solution for America’s healthcare woes. Even if the bill has little chance of passing in this session, showing support for this bill is good politics and is something that you can use in future elections. It’s free advertising and something the democratic base is clamoring for.

There are a couple of issues I have with how responsive Representative Loebsack has been to this cause. To remind everyone this was part of what he campaigned on in 2006 and he co-sponsored the bill in 2010. Unfortunately that was the last time Loebsack co-sponsored this bill. Medicare for all has come up in every congressional session since 2003. Hopefully in the future, Dave and any future Iowa progressive congresspersons, will be be original co-sponsors on this legislation. Let the Iowa delegation show the rest of the country how to get things done.

Regardless of speed or consistency in supporting Medicare-for-All over the years, the most important thing is that Iowa’s lone progressive representative in Washington is on board. Thank you Dave Loebsack.

One comment

  • Just who is going to PAY for this- “Our Government that is more than broke? “Rich people ?” Where do progressives think this ALL comes from ? THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH ! The government screws up everything they touch. The best ideas concern returning rights to states in my opinion. At least then — successful states will gain New Citizens !


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