Welcome to the Social Media Age, Democrats

One thing I’ve noticed in my year of being a Democrat, is that too many of us have a problem with the past being brought up. No I don’t mean that one embarrassing picture you took that one time after a few too many drinks. I mean when your past public stances, positions, actions, and votes are brought up.
My advice is you had best get used to it. The internet has a long, long memory. What you say and do can and will be brought up and discussed. This is the new normal. You can either fight it or embrace it. For some this will be the death knell to their political aspirations. They will no longer be able to be jerks or make votes against their platform without it becoming common knowledge. Right Cory Booker?
Just a couple of months ago Milo Yiannopoulos seemed like he was about to become the bright new star of the conservative movement. That is until one person with a good memory remembered some comments he had made. Just like that, he lost his book deal and he went back to obscurity. Where someone with his abhorrent views and troll like personality belongs.
Because of the reality of our stances being known in perpetuity, we must require that our elected officials have a solid core of values. If you’re wearing the Democrat label and you vote against the platform, expect to carry that vote for the rest of your life. Don’t be like the Democratic Mayor of Baltimore who voted down the city’s minimum wage increase recently. Because Maryland doesn’t have it’s own platform, they use the national platform instead. With her vote she voted against stated Democrat values and goals
I’m sure Mayor Catherine Pugh had her list of what I call “standard reasons” for doing so. Surely you all have heard them before. Unemployment fears and hurting small businesses being the main ones I hear from “our side”. The fact is the wage was going to go up over a number of years. In 2022 it would have been $15 an hour. Plenty of time for the business community to deal with it. Even if Ms. Pugh had reservations about the increase, she’s a democrat and shouldn’t have torpedoed a major democratic goal.
This is the reality of today. It’s a big reason why Hillary and frankly the Democratic party in general have such big trust issues with the public. Your votes are a Google search away. Your Twitter arguments are there waiting to be dredged up. Your emails are going to get hacked. Now your browsing history is for sale. We know all your secrets. The point of this isn’t shouldn’t be to scare people into some kind of neo-luddite existence. It should be to serve as a reminder that if you’re in the public eye, expect scrutiny. If you’re a Democrat and you don’t agree with the platform of the party, then why are you here? Remember you represent us and we’re watching. Don’t forget it works the other way too.

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