Rachel Lunsford for Polk County Vice Chair

by Jason Frerichs

Long-time party member Rachel Lunsford has thrown her hat into the ring for the vice chair of the Polk County Democrats position.  Rachel is a very active member of both the Women’s and the Progressive caucuses.  She was one of the first supporters of both groups.  Rachel is a member of the Polk County Central Committee, 3rd District Central Committee, and Chair of Communications for the Polk County Democrats.  She was also a Bernie Sanders delegate during last year’s Democratic primary.

PVI sat down with Rachel and asked her why she decided to run for the Polk County Vice Chair position.  She made the following statement, “As Vice Chair, I’m all about increasing our number of Democratic voters, building the infrastructure necessary to bring in more Democratic voters, and finding new and creative fundraising methods. We need to appeal to folks who may identify as Independent or No Party. We need to work on being present in our communities more than once every four years. We need to make it easier for folks with limited income to donate money — Bernie Sanders, Kim Weaver, and so many others in the last cycle showed us the power of a $27 donation.”

Rachel has a reputation for being well organized and extremely passionate about the Democratic Party and progressive politics.  She helped the Women’s Caucus organize the Steve King Retirement Parties.  She helped the Progressive Caucus organize a joint fundraiser (with the Women’s Caucus) for Kim Weaver.  She’s also been a voice of reason when the Bernie and Hillary factions argue instead of trying to work together.  I can’t think of a better person than Rachel to help lead Polk County in a new direction.  Please support Rachel Lunsford.

The Polk County Democrats will have their monthly meeting on March 20, 2017, at 6:30 PM at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall, 2501 Bell Ave., Des Moines.

Election of officers will take place at this meeting.
They will also have as guest speakers, State Senator Matt McCoy with a legislative update and Representative Todd Prichard of Charles City.

All Democrats welcome to attend.


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