Funk You Donald Trump

by Jason Frerichs

Dylan Funk has announced that he will be running for chair of the Polk County Democrats.  Dylan already wears many hats.  He is the vice chair of the Progressive Caucus,  running for chair of the Ankeny Area Democrats, a member of the Polk County Central Committee, and the Third District Central Committee.  Dylan was also a delegate for Bernie Sanders during the most recent presidential election.  He was also one of the founding members of the Progressive Caucus.

PVI sat down with Dylan and asked him why he decided to run for Polk County Chair.  He issued the following statement, “My priorities are to unify the party and bring back independents that may have left over the years.  I also want to work on trying to persuade Trump supporters to embrace our progressive values.  I have some unique ideas to utilize our neighborhood groups to help with fundraising, both in the neighborhood and the county.”

Some people have started calling Dylan the “Trump Whisperer” due to his ability to reason with Trump supporters and bring them over to our side.  I saw that ability first hand after the election of the IDP Chair last month.  Dylan met a recent college graduate who voted for Trump due to parental influence and a strong desire for change to the status quo.  Dylan was able to convince this young man that it’s actually progressives who champion the working class, in particular, Senator Bernie Sanders.  This young man is now a member of the Progressive Caucus and attended the off-year Polk County Caucus.

At the SCC weekend retreat earlier this month, Dylan met another Trump supporter in the hotel bar.  He managed to sway him over to our side just using logic and presenting factual information in a non-threatening way.  Dylan understands how to relate to voters and he is the best choice to lead Iowa’s largest county.  Defeating Trump is an all hands on deck situation.  It requires leadership that is able to work with and relate to a lot of different personalities.  It requires a leader who will respect differences of opinion and won’t tell others to “fall in line.”  Dylan is that kind of leader.  I encourage everyone to vote for Dylan.

The Polk County Democrats will have their monthly meeting on March 20, 2017 at 6:30 PM at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall, 2501 Bell Ave., Des Moines.

Election of officers will take place at this meeting.
They will also have as guest speakers, State Senator Matt McCoy with a legislative update and Representative Todd Prichard of Charles City.

All Democrats welcome to attend.

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