Waukee Ensures Safe Space for GOP Snowflakes

 A legislative forum earlier today for State Senator Charles Schneider and State Representative Rob Taylor became little more than a spoon feeding session thanks to some rules put in place by the Waukee Chamber of Commerce for the event.

A document received by Progressive Voices of Iowa earlier today details several restrictions and filters that were put in place to protect Taylor and Schneider from crowd reaction and protest to the incredibly unpopular policies they and other GOP members have pushed in the legislature.

You can find the document below:


The public has been understandably upset by the attacks on education, healthcare, local control, among other very important policy that the legislature has seemingly declared open season on. This has resulted in a significant explosion of demonstration and participation, making these forums not quite the celebratory ego stroking session that they would prefer. It is unfortunately that, rather than listen to the people that they represent, many of these representatives would rather hide from the public or, as in this case, neuter their ability to speak to them at all.

Since both Taylor and Schneider are missing some very much needed information and feedback from the public, PVI has taken the liberty of posting their contact information, as listed on sources free and open to the public, below.


Representative Rob Taylor 

Senator Charles Schneider



  • Too bad freedom of speech is objectionable to the Waukee Chamber. I think people need to let the Chamber needs to see how objectionable. Forget the two legislators. Let the Chamber know how you feel.


    • The legislators were cordial publicly. I don’t know if they requested those rules and then put on a “show” for us in the room, but they were publicly okay. Yes, it was entirely on the Chamber for those rules, at least from what I could tell. The President could have found a better way to ask us to wrap up our questions, but her whole demeanor was rude. Everyone else was very nice. Video of the event is on YouTube. https://youtu.be/m2P5zPvrLR8


  • They are all state employed , they have good paying jobs and don’t have to work very hard for the benifts they recive . It’s been there choice they can find employment else where if they think they can do better than where they are at .


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