Weaver Seeking Rematch Against King

On Saturday, March 4, 2017 Kim Weaver announced the launch of an exploratory committee, the first step in a potential second run for Congress in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District in 2018. This surprise announcement was made at the Story County Democrats Soup Supper, attended by former Maryland Governor and 2016 Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, State Senator Rob Hogg, potential candidates for other state offices, and various other Democratic Party luminaries.

This past November, Weaver ran a competitive race against long-time Republican incumbent Steve King, garnering more votes than both presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and US Senate candidate Patty Judge in all 39 counties in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District. King’s inflammatory and racially-charged comments about minorities, combined with his record as the least effective member of Congress, fueled a strong finishing charge for Weaver, despite the 4th being a very conservative district.

When asked why she decided to conduct an exploratory committee rather than an official campaign, Kim stated, “I did very well last time considering my resources. My campaign staff and volunteers did an amazing job with the magnitude of tasks placed in front of them. I won’t attempt to do this again without sufficient support. I will fully commit if Iowans will do the same.”

During her announcement, she expressed her exploratory goals: If she earns enough support and raises $100,000 by September, she will enter the race officially. Weaver’s aim is to bring a renewed energy and commitment to Washington serving the people of Iowa’s 4th District, where she said their needs have been largely ignored for 14 years by the incumbent insider.

Weaver is an Iowa native and long-time resident of Sheldon who serves as the long-term care ombudsman for 13 counties in Northwest Iowa. She has been an active, dedicated public servant for 25 years, and brings a depth of experience in serving Iowa’s elderly, rural, and vulnerable populations.

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