PVI is Looking for Writers

Progressive Voices of Iowa is a volunteer journalist organization seeking to empower Progressives through information, and we are looking to expand our writer base.

PVI hit the ground running last September, and has grown significantly since with several hundred followers and subscribers, and pulling in over 10,000 readers per month. Now we want to bring a greater service of information to even more readers and we need your help to do it.

At this time, all writer and editorial positions are strictly volunteer. The money generated through ads on our page is enough to pay for operation costs such as hosting and domain fees.

The benefits are you keep your intellectual property, and can remove and edit it however you like as long as it follows some general posting guidelines. You may also cross submit as your content is yours. There are no deadlines or quotas to meet, and you may write whenever you want. Positions we are looking for require a first hand understanding and account of topics being written. Below is a sample of writing spots we are looking to fill to better diversify the information that is provided to fellow Progressives.

Agricultural issues

Latino issues (articles written in Spanish)

African American issues

Activists and Activism



Feminism and Feminist Issues



Affirmative Action


Mental Health

Again this is not every topic, but it is a list of topics we would like to see have a stronger voice on PVI.

Also if you are a photographer who takes pictures of rallies, have a Youtube channel where you cover Progressive topics and events, or have a podcast that covers Progressive issues, we would be happy to be a platform for your feed to increase your audience.

If you are interested in joining the PVI writing team simply click here, fill out the form, tell us what you would like to write about, and if available include a brief writing sample.

We look forward to hearing from you!







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