Collective Bargaining Fallout Far Worse than Imagined

In a document obtained earlier this morning by Progressive Voices of Iowa, it seems the fallout from the collective bargaining bill that was signed into law under witness of Koch Brothers lobbyist, Drew Klein, is already resulting in detrimental changes to state workers. A pdf of the proposal can be found in the link below.

PDF Regents proposal

The initial proposal by the Iowa Board of Regents to the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America would be considered a lowball to bring to the negotiating table, but that would be giving it too much credit. The insult to hard working Iowans seeks to completely gut services and benefits, offering only a paltry 2.2% wage increase spread out over the next two years.

Often whenever the excessive salaries and benefits of corporate executives or higher officials, such as those sitting on the board of regents, come into question the answer turns to offering the best compensation package to remain competitive and find the best candidates. That mantra does not seem to trickle down to craft employees, laborers, and other workers, however, as those very individuals seek to strip nearly all fairly negotiated wages and benefits to the bone.

The damage does not stop at workers. The state also stands to suffer a significant drain of workers, both skilled and unskilled, in an effort to find other states that would actually appreciate their labor and skills. Minnesota officials suspect that it will benefit heavily from the resulting exodus, as Iowans seek greener pastures. The end result would be turning Iowa from a once vibrant state in education and quality of life, into an academic and economic desert wasteland.

While new Iowa Democratic Party leadership has yet to truly do more than take credit for and attempt to fundraise off of the efforts of grassroots organizations such as CCI and Bold Iowa, Progressive organizations such as those mentioned, are working non-stop to try to keep momentum going against this assault on Iowa workers, women, and minorities.

If you would like more information on how to get involved and help these organizations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Provided below are links to those organizations.


Bold Iowa

Our Revolution

Justice Democrats

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