LTE: End the Assault on Collective Bargaining

I just retired from my job as an employee of the State of Iowa after 42 years. I have paid my taxes…(based on the wages that I made!!) to the state of Iowa, and the United States and its programs for all of those years. My wages were paid out of the taxes that I paid. Don’t talk to me about being unfair to taxpayers.
I stayed at that job because I could raise my family, keep them healthy in every way and could afford to send them to college so that they would be prepared to go out into the world to contribute to the state of Iowa as I have. They still live and work here because it is a good place to live and work.
I did not retire a ‘privileged’ spoiled upper-crust citizen of Iowa. I’m still a 1970’s ranch house owning, Hyundai driving Middle-Class Iowan here.
I always felt secure and protected and conscientious about the job that I did and I did it well because I respected my employer and they respected me. I cared about our Judicial branch and am very proud of how they serve the people of Iowa. Contrary to what people like to think of government offices, our offices are a pleasant place to do business and they run smoothly and efficiently and everyone does their job with pride.
We have done whatever was asked of us to support budget cuts and hard times. We gratefully and quietly accepted that we could help the state budget by cutting paper usage or taking monthly furloughs or having years with no pay raises.
The education, protection, and community program,s as well as the city, county, and state services that you use daily will deteriorate immediately if Branstad is successful in his attack against the everyday people who make Iowa a great state. He is the reason that our thriving state budget is once again in the deep red.
Consider this. How will private sector employers change their attitude and policies when they no longer have the higher standards to look up to or no reason to offer fair wages and benefits to obtain good employees. This will affect every person who lives in Iowa in many different ways.

-Ronda Frye

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