LTE: Open Door or Smashed Fingers

Derek Eadon was elected to the IDP chair on the notion that he knew how to fix the declining Democratic party in Iowa, but how exactly does he go about doing that? One thing that jaded ex-Democrats like myself would like to see happen would be to see Corporate interest go away, like Wells Fargo. The Democratic party here in Iowa has a big choice to make, across the nation people are mobilizing and calling on their elected officials to divest from Wells Fargo in support of the Standing Rock Sioux.

I personally was a water protector at Mississippi Stand in Keokuk, Iowa and traveled to Standing Rock as well. If Derek Eadon wants to make a good example for people like me, who are ill at the thought of watching our elected officials benefit from threatening our water supply, he needs to take a big stand. Dave Loebsack, for example, took $5500 from the DAPL and voted for the Keystone XL. Now that Trump has opened up the chances that the Keystone XL will be brought back, I can’t confidently say that I trust Dave to hold my best interest at heart.

Derek, you now have a choice to make, you can stand with our Native brothers and sisters in the belief that Mni Wiconi, Water Is Life. Or you can stand with Michael Fitzgerald, our state treasurer, who doesn’t plan to close the State’s account with Wells Fargo.

Do you stand with the people of Iowa and offer us an open door back into the party with transparency, understanding, and compromise? Or do you side with Big Corporate interest like your predecessors before you and slam the door on our fingers?

The choice is yours, Derek, Divest Now.

-Daniel Clark Green Party Candidate for Iowa’s 2nd CD

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