Call to Action: Local Group to Hold “Wake” Protest at Iowa Capitol

The Des Moines Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom issued a press release Tuesday afternoon detailing a “wake” procession to “mourn” the death or loss of equal participation in light of the seventh anniversary of the Supreme Court Citizens United Decision on January 21st. Participants in the demonstration will wear all black clothing.

“This will be a reverent respectful ‘mourning procession’, protesting the domination of corporate money and special interests’ control in our government,” the release states.

Those interested in participating are encouraged to contact Clare Smith-Larson  at 515-967-5340. The event will take place on January 18th and will start at the Rotunda in the State Capitol at  11 AM.


You can find the full text of the press release below:

Our democracy is under attack!
Jan. 21st, 2017 is the seventh anniversary of the Supreme Court’s destructive decision in Citizens United V FEC, which says money is equal to free speech. This has opened up the floodgates for big Super Pacs of untraceable political donations and big corporate control in our elections and our government. We also oppose corporate personhood, which allows the constitutional rights of a person, to be given to corporations. This all leaves the people on the outside without a voice or influence in our government and its laws. We need to get off the couch now and stand up to defend our democracy against the special interests and big corporate money calling the shots in our government!

Government Of, By and For the People?
We are emphasizing the reality of our failing democracy; it is no longer Government ‘Of, By and For’ the People. It is now a Government ‘Of, By and For’ the Corporations. Our Elected leaders listen to and act for their big campaign donors, rather than the people who elect them. We the people can’t compete with the billions of dollars donated to political campaigns and the billions of dollars’ corporations pay their lobbyists to persuade legislators to make tax laws and regulations that only benefit the corporations.

A.L.E.C., the American Legislative Exchange Council
A.L.E.C., the American Legislative Exchange Council, comprised of big Corporate lobbyists, write legislation containing regulations and laws that benefit the corporation’s bottom line and is submitted to and gladly received by a Senator or House Representative who is on the receiving end of big campaign donations by that corporation. This is even more Government Of, By and For the Corporations. Our Elected leaders listen to and act for their big campaign donors benefit. How can the people of this country compete with that? Big Oil, Gas & Coal, Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, Big Chemical, Big Insurance and Big Banks, control our world.


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