Iowa CCI Stage Sit In at Senator Grassley’s Office

A group of around seventy protesters from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement are staging an ongoing sit in the lobby of the Neal Smith Federal Building after being denied access to Senator Charles Grassley’s office. The organization is seeking an audience with the Senator to redress concerns of the his support for fellow Senator and Trump pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Sessions, a Senator from Alabama, has made waves in the past with racist and homophobic statements, leading many to worry that he will not defend and protect the rights of all citizens in an equitable manner. Similar concerns were raised by Civil Rights leaders, such as Coretta Scott King, the last time the Senator was up for a high ranking position as a federal judge.

For more information on this or other actions, or to donate to Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, please click here.CCI-AG.jpg

Update: As of 3:00, it was reported that CCI was still holding strong. They are not being allowed to go to the restroom or livestream. The building closes at 5:00 and there is talk of forcible removal of anyone who stays past that point.

Update 2: Two CCI members, Hugh and Redditt, refused to leave Grassley’s office when asked and were arrested. They have been released from police custody. Thank you to the 100+ people who participated today! We sent a powerful message to Grassley to #StopSessions.

Per Evan Burger of CCI: “Thank you to the 100+ people who participated today! We sent a powerful message to Grassley to #StopSessions.”

Feature Photo: Jessica Fears
Photo: Evan Burger

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