OurRevolution Endorses Blair Lawton for Iowa Democratic Chair

In an official statement released on Tuesday, Progressive organization OurRevolution endorsed former Sanders state director, Blair Lawton, for Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.

The endorsement cited Lawton’s focus on grassroots politics, from his efforts in Progress Iowa and Run Warren Run,. to his dedicated service to the Sanders campaign in Iowa. It’s those grassroots efforts that OurRevolution want to see become central to the reformation of the IDP.

“Blair Lawton has proven his commitment to the future of our country and his community,” said Executive Director Shannon Jackson. “We are proud to support Blair, who continues to fight at the grassroots level to respond to the needs of working families. Blair is an organizer and a progressive champion who embodies the values that fueled the political revolution– and he knows how to bring new people into the political process.”

The vote for a new Iowa Democratic Chair will be held on January 21st, and several of the Progressives on the State Central Committee have expressed, with some delight, how they will rank their votes.

Progressive Voices of Iowa recently had the opportunity to field some questions to Lawton. You can find that article here.

Click here for more information on the race for IDP Chair, interviews, public speaking, and commentary.

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