Monica Kurth Chosen as Iowa House District 89 Democratic Party Candidate

By Crystal Defatte


The Nominating Convention for the Iowa House District 89 seat took place on January 5th just prior to the Scott County Democratic Party Central Committee meeting. The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm by Thomas Hart, chair of the Scott County Central Committee. After a credentials report confirmed a quorum had been reached, Thomas Hart was elected as Chair of the Convention, a rules report was read, and nominations from the floor began.


It was a swift process, as Ms. Kurth was the only candidate nominated, and her election as the nominee was unanimous. After a few brief words about the hard work that needed to be done and how honored she was, a motion was made to close the convention, seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.


The House seat was previously held by Jim Lykam, who resigned from his position after being elected to the Iowa Senate for District 45. That special election took place after the death of Senator Joe Seng.


The Scott County Central Committee meeting was called to order immediately following the Nominating Convention, during which a motion was made and passed to “pass a hat around” to collect free will donations. Within minutes of the start of her candidacy, the SCCC had risen over $2,000 for her campaign. The date of the election has been set by Governor Branstad for January 31st. The race for Iowa House District 89 is expected to be contested, but no other party has put forth a nominee at this time.


Progressive Voices of Iowa will be publishing her official press release once it becomes available.

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