Poll Wrap-up: Who Should Be the Next Iowa Democratic Party Chair

Shortly before Christmas, Progressive Voices of Iowa posted a poll to gauge general interest in the Iowa Democratic Party Chair race and its candidates.

PVI would like to remind our readers that this was not a scientific poll, and unfortunately there were discrepancies that were discovered over the course of the online polling. These discrepancies were the following:

There was evidence that multiple voting did occur. This was accomplished through clearing one’s cache of cookies so that the system didn’t recognize that the particular profile had already voted. To remedy this issue, we switched to both cookie and IP filtering. This did, however, restrict voting to one vote per IP address, which would mean that if a household had multiple adults, only one vote from that household would count.

There was also evidence of out of state voting. To be fair, there was nothing stating that out of state voting was restricted and the amount of out of state voting that took place was minimal compared to the total number voting in the poll.

Finally, while every effort was taken to spread word about the poll among as many Democratic groups as possible through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, there was no guarantee that a true sample could be achieved.

Discrepancies and all, the data received proved to be quite interesting, and shows three Progressive candidates way ahead of the rest of the pack. As of the official close of the poll  at 3:30pm this afternoon and out of a total of 1260 votes, there were three clear favorites that emerged: Blair Lawton received 31.27%, Kim Weaver received 30%, and Derek Eadon received 24.29%.

Each of the top three candidates will be invited to write a guest article which will be featured in PVI as soon as it is available.

You can find the final results of the poll here


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